Oberlin Shansi

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars adalah dosen yang dipilih secara kompetitif dari lembaga mitra Shansi di Asia yang salah satunya adalah Universitas Syiah Kuala untuk belajar selama satu semester di Oberlin College. Mereka dapat mengobservasi dan ikut kuliah bersama mahasiswa S1, menggunakan perpustakaan, dan memperdalam pengetahuan tentang area penelitian mereka.

Visiting Scholars 2019

Dalila hails from Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where she teaches software engineering and computer science at Syiah Kuala University. However, you won’t any Computer Science courses on her schedule here at Oberlin. Instead, she’s focusing on classes in Rhetoric and Composition with the intention of improving her writing skills so her scientific papers can excel. In addition to exploring liberal arts curricula and pedagogies, Dalila applied to Oberlin Shansi with the intention of improving her writing for scientific journals, reports, and research proposals. Before coming to Shansi, Dalila and her co-workers were in the introductory stages of a research project that introduces technology into the daily lives of salt farmers near Banda Aceh.

Sri “Tina” Agustina is a lecturer at Syiah Kuala University at Banda Aceh, Indonesia, teaching courses in Chemistry, Geochemistry, Marine Chemistry, and Oceanography. Oberlin Shansi has been thrilled to welcome her as a Spring 2019 Visiting Scholar. Since arriving in late January, Tina has been taking full advantage of a range of opportunities at Oberlin. She’s audited classes, taken ExCos, joined a musical group, and explored Northern Ohio.

Since arriving in Oberlin in late January, 2019, “Aris” Arismawan has been busy. Visiting from Syiah Kuala University, he is impressed by the sheer number of posters he sees around Oberlin’s campus, and is excited by the number of course offerings available. While he lectures on Engineering and Industrial Management at SKU, he’s further explored his academic and personal interests here in Oberlin. Taking classes in Entrepreneurship, Comparative American Studies, Arabic, Economics, and a Korean ExCo, Aris has been fully immersed in the Liberal Arts. If that doesn’t make him too busy already, Aris has explored many campus events, guest lectures, movie screenings, and workshops. Upon returning to SKU, he hopes to create an event calendar similar to Oberlin’s, where one can see what’s happening on any given afternoon.